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I have a 93 240 and it drives great for 10-15 minutes but then almost dies down and when trying to drive it feels like it wants to stall after 5mph. (its and automatic), any suggestions on what to check for. no engine lights come on either.

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Hey man, sorry to hear your having trouble with the car.

You can do this a few ways. If you are really strapped for cash, then there is a way to read the codes from the actual ecu using the blinking light method.

You can download the factory service manual which is free and see what you need to do.

Download the factory service manual, from here

To be better at keeping the car running well, I suggest this route.

Get yourself a consult cable. They are really freaking cheap. These are your link to what the car is doing. It's kind of like an obd2 port but since the car is older than 1996, it's a Nissan specific connector known as the consult port. It should be located right near your fusebox in the driver or passenger side footwell.

Consult cable:

Doesnt have to be that one. But you want it for a Nissan.

Ebay has these for really cheap. I'm talking like $20.

Then you need a laptop or a tablet that can run some software. I've used ECUtalk with some success in the past. It's free and it lets you read codes and see the sensor readings.

So once you get your cable, software, and laptop all set up, you can just plug in and see if any codes pop up. Check these codes against what the FSM has.
You can also see the voltages for each sensor. You can sit in your driveway and just look at what the car is doing. You can make them all look like dial gauges so if something is pegged at one value or is erratic, you can see it visually.
You can also let someone else drive it around while you monitor and see what's happening.

Hope you get it figured out. Don't be like me and throw a crap load of parts at it.
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