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weird vacuum at idle?

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Hey, i have a redtop sr20 in my 92 240.. and i'm having a weird vacuum problem at idle. sometimes it idles with 10 mm/hg and sometimes it is 15 mm/hg. i know it should be around 20 mm/hg, and i'm really not sure why it fluctuates sometimes. if i rev it above 1k rpms, the vacuum starts to go more towards 20 mm/hg, so i'm really not sure what this could mean. i've checked the timing, and it seems good... the next thing on my list is to build a boost leak tester, but i was just wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what this could be.

i can hit 7psi easily by the way, just to let whoever know, in case that would help

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I responded here, see if that helps at all, and keep an eye on here. Wait until Monday and you should see some more responses. Hopefully, Joel will respond, he is correct about 100% of the time.
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