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So my knowledge with suspension parts is extremely limited. I did a lot of research and found that the best combo for my suspension would be KYB struts and Eibach lowering springs.

I want to replace my blown POS coils with this setup because I want a more comfortable ride since the S13 is my daily (lol). I do still want it low, but not if it compromises comfort.

My question is: what else do I need other than these 2 products?

I know I still need the strut mounts, but does it matter what kind? Are there incompatibilities I need to worry about? Sorry, I really don’t know much about this. I’d appreciate the help.

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If those struts don't come with a top hat and the appropriate isolators/bushings/boots, you'll need to source a kit somewhere. You could probably reuse the OEM stuff you have now, but you're probably best just getting new stuff.

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Hey there,
so I see the springs lower your car 1.7-2.3 inches below factory height.
Since you mentioned coilovers, you are probably already lowered that height anyway.

Some side questions before we get to your hardware question:

Are you keeping the car as a streetcar?
Will you be slamming the car to the ground with some aftermarket wheels?

Are those springs appropriate for those struts?
-I ask because struts are designed for oem springs or aftermarket springs.
-So if those struts are meant for the stock spring rate and travel then they won't last long with the lowering springs.

KYB also makes the AGX struts that have a damping adjustment on them. Damping is the "calming" force on the springs. If your car did not have dampers, you would hit one bump and bounce for like 30 seconds. The dampers are meant to allow the spring to compress and then help the spring calmly go back to their normal length (whatever your normal ride height is). I have the AGX on my subaru and they have been great. My first set of rears came in blown but I still like them because you can just turn the knob to a higher damping setting. There are 4 or 5.
The Excel G or even the Gr2 are essentially the AGX just permanently set to one of the lower settings.
I just wanted to say that the AGX is worth it for that so you can fine tune your damping.

Are you currently experiencing any rubbing issues?
Are you on stock wheels or aftermarket wheels?
Do you know if there are any spacers on the car right now?

I don't really remember if the lower strut mount has one of those camber bolts on it.
That may be something to get. It's a bolt with a cam profile on it so you can adjust camber by rotating the bolt.
No clue if the factory has one. I can't recall from my S14 either.
This is what I'm talking about

There are definitely rubber gaskets and what not that you need.
The stuff on your coilovers most likely won't work.
I'd anticipate some upper and lower spring insulators, a bump stop, a bellow/boot kit, an upper mount, probably a new clip for mounting the brake line, lower strut mount bolts

A good website that I've bought parts from is

Here's a link for the front suspension.

If you look at the exploded parts diagram it outlines what parts go in it.

I think when I built my kit for my subie ( exact same concept, just different part numbers) I was in the $1300 range.
The reason for that was because it's my daily. I have PBM coils/ aluminum bushings on my 240 and that is WAYYY too stiff for anything on the road.
My springs were almost $500 because they were specially made.
My front upper mounts were also $200 (whiteline ones with some caster adjustment) versus the $100 equivalent ones from KYB.
Don't let that dissuade you from properly speccing out some good springs and struts.
I also went with springs/struts over coilovers because the aftermarket wheels that I wanted to run on my subie would fit nicely on that suspension. I didn't need the height adjustability as I had already accounted for the suspension settings I want, the exact wheel and tire size, and the ride quality I wanted to maintain.
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