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What tire size for 18x8+17, 18x9+17 on S13 non-wide body?

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Thinkin about buying these MAE 18x8+17, 18x9+17 wheels to throw on my 91 s13 hatch. Im also getting PBM coilovers so i can semi slam/drop it. Im just wondering what size tires will fit with minimal rub. Please give me feedback. Im not throwin on wide fenders but will prob end up pulling/rolling my fenders if necessary.
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if you need to know what tires take the wheels and the car to a tire shop and ask them. they will let you know the size that they recommend. that is the easiest way to do it. or you can try to look it up on google there are many many calculators on the internet to help you determine what you need.
You can google that exact question "What tire size for xxx" and a LOT of answers will be there too.
Thanks. I typed it into google but i got civic/350z and so on. Im just wondering if anyone on here rocks 18"s and can tell me the height/specs of the tires and maybe a pic or two. And as far as flushness goes, how will they sit with stock fenders will i need spacers to make them sit flush?
without having your car with those wheels we will never know if they will sit flush. You need to get them and do the math. then you will be able to figure out how much of a spacer you will need. Just because someone uses 18s doesn't mean you will get the same look. Different brands have different specifications on what their offset is.
well ya thats what i figured i just wondered if anyone had any idea before i got them cuz theyre expensive.. tell me what you think:

MAE [MAE 18x8,9+17 4/5] - $1,295.00 : VR Wheels Webstore, Presented by VR Motoring
Doesn't matter what car they went on, tires and rim sizes are independent of the car. A 225 on a 17x8 (example) is still gonna fit no matter what car it's on. You just care if that specific size fits your rim size.
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