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What to do first?

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Okay so i just got my first 240 this past wednesday. I am getting an ecu this weekend because thats what the guy said was the only problem, i just praying that hes right and wen i do plug that in with a new battery that it will start. If it does woohooo. Well i was wondering what would u guys do first to the car to make sure that it runs good? I was thinking of doing the following......

change head gasket
change cap and rotor
spark plug and spark plug wires
change motor oil and filter
change trans oil
change rear end oil
flush coolant
flush radiator

hmmmm idk i just had a brain fart moment. Any other suggestions let me know would appreciate it
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Don't do the HG unless it's blown and your ready to shell out the money to have the Head resurfaced and New Head studs because there trq. to yield and they stretch.

I'd do:
All filters (Air & Fuel, Auto Trans Filter if its Auto)
Flush all Fluids (Coolant, P/S, Engine Oil, Trans, Diff, Brake, Clutch)
All wear items (Spark Plugs, Wires, Dist. Cap & Rotor, Brake Pads & Rotors)
Look for leaks and start fixing those (Valve Cover, P/S etc...)
Check all the Lights (Maybe replace them all if you got the money, they will blow eventually)

Then I'd look into fixing things that maybe broken around the car (Exterior and Interior parts)
Start getting it clean Inside & Out
You know the deal...
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hey would i know if the HG is blown though. Yeah its an auto for now though..hoping that my cuzns bf friend will give me a deal on a 5 speed because hes actually parting away 3 240s he just i still need to go and get the auto repair Manuel hopefully i can get it tomarrow if napa or if someother place has it
Well when you getting it running you'll know. Best way for sure is to do a Cylinder Leak Down Test.
okay ill go and do a research on how to do that thanks again man
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