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whats up fellas!

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hey now!
new to this forum, came here after hearing about it from Nadeem.
gonna lurk and read. see what kind of people we got here.
i have 5 cars, all turbocharged.
91 sr'd hatch
93 sr'd coupe
94 ka-t altima
2006 mazdaspeed 6
2010 Mitsu Ev
and a 91 gsxr 1100 - soon to be turbo'd... lol

i moderate at 2 nissan sites and supermod at another.
i have a wealth of knowledge but im still learning.

im in upstate ny at fort drum and im a sgt in a helicopter unit.

ask me questions! ill do my best to help out! :)

my stable: hotlicia is my wife - no ****. haha
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i got alot of questions for you man... nice cars.
thanks guys. lots of hard work to get where im at with my list.
cant wait to get back from afghanistan though - the evo gets a gt3076...
welcome to the forums
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