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i wanted to paint these set of enkie mesh wheels im about to pick up on sunday. what paint should i use? and is there a specific way to paint your wheels? tips are welcome.
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I know I picked up some "Wheel Coat" from NAPA or smchucks I cant remember, for about $5 a spray-can on clearance, its gunmetal even =) I think its made by Duplicolor, and says its sepoz to be "heavy duty". I figured if it ever chipped Id just get another can.. i beleive they sell it at fall-apart-walmart aswel.
yeah, i was gunna go buy the duplicolor can.
2 part epoxy baked enamel paint that they use on standard (good) auto paint jobs. Because its epoxy and baked its a lot more durable than standard rattle can auto paint. Of course it costs more.
i just sanded every spoke on my mesh wheels and washed those bitches well. i painted today and there lookin good.
Where are the pics, man??
there coming! im picking up hardware on saturday once i get them back in and all tight ill take some glory pictures.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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