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When searching for a rolling chassis,

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In process of saving for my first 240, let alone car, i was thinking about looking for just an s13 rolling chassis to work on and learn with over my next year or so of high school. That would give me time to save for bigger things and come to a better understanding of which motor would be best for me and my budget.
Now what i want to know is are there any specific things to look for when searching for the right shell, or what are the best ways to go about buying one?
My budget is about $5-600, as i hope i can find one in good shape for that much, idk if this is a worthless thread or not but i did search and what not, read the stickys, and i just dont know. Does a normal one come with everything except the motor and do you think i can find one like that with my existing budget?

uhh, any info helps,
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Hello fellow Marylander, welcome. 500-600$ is more than enough to find a 240, especially if you are only looking for a rolling chassis. In fact if they are any more then that, the seller is crazy. When looking for a chassis rust is the main issue. There are obvious spots for rust like under the wing on the hatch. Make sure the frame has no rust or you will have issues. Good luck with finding one, im in search of one too actually.
no fix for rust, huh ?
you can fix rust but it is extremely time consuming and expensive, so if you can find a clean shell you are better off, the most common areas for rust are the front strut towers and the frame rails just behind the front wheels, also back by the gas tank, check those areas
Alright cool, thanks. i should be looking for one here in the next few weeks. s13 hatch baby, gotta love those.
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