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Where do you ppl find MAF for sale?

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I have s14 sr20det ecu # 69f01

where in the world can i find one? any price > dont say ebay i tried and if you find one POST LINK!

thanks 240 guys!
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FS sections here/zilvia/nico.
got mine off craigslist. Its an 89 240sx maf. Not sure if blacktops can use them.
or, you could look at the links I posted to ebay, in your other threads...I am 99.9% sure that all SR MAFs are the same.

edit: I am trying very hard to see if this is really the case...just give me some time....

MAF for SR20: 52f00

also appears you can use MAF from an 89-90 240, with some success...still looking....
^^^^disregard everything there...appears that there is a different part number
200SX S14 S14a parts. air flow meter afm 22680 69f01 on eBay (end time 31-Aug-10 12:48:11 BST)

taken off my S14 SR20DET kouki motor

22680 69F01 AFH50-18A
^^^from Zilvia...for the Kouki

22680 69F00 for the, please just take those part numbers and search,k-thanks...
Wow that number matches my ecu? so i guess thats good except it from UK but im gunan ask if they ship here thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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