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I swapped a '95 Hardbody SOHC KA24E (which has an 8.6:1 comp ratio) with a 5 spd MT into my old Nissan '85 720 pickup. I then upgraded it with an '89 240SX intake manifold and have an '89 250SX ECU that turns out to be from an '89 MT 240SX Calif model to control it.

My question is which version stock OEM '89-'90 240SX ECU has the best tuning that would run best with this combination:

1) The Calif model MT ECU I have
2) A Fed model MT ECU
3) A Canadian MT ECU

I know that the Calif model ECU will run the engine OK, but I suspect it's tuning isn't as good as a Fed model due to the emissions that Calif models have (they have an added Exhaust gas temp sensor). Since I have removed the entire EGR system, and have no exhaust gas temp sensor it may throw a code, but don't know for sure. Also, I wonder if Canadian model ECU's have a more aggressive tuning than US models, and if so would make for a better choice?

Does any on this site have any answers to my questions?
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