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white smoke from exhaust

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white smokes emits from my tailpipe if the car idles in place for a while, or sometimes when i sit at the light, but does not smoke while im driving, i have no cat 2.5 exhaust pipe and no thermastat, the car runs fine, any ideas?
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No thermostat? you have too

IIRC white smoke means water right?
maybe new head gasket?

white smoke it caused by coolant, blueish greay is oil, and black is running rich.

No thermostat causes the motor to not warm up properly making it cooler and running richer.
i live on guam where it almost 90 degrees everyday of the year so you dont have to have the thermastat
Outside temp has nothing to do with your motor needing a thermostat or not.
a T stat wont hurt your engine cooling down it, it only helps it heat up to operating temp quicker. get a T stat. and you not having a cat may be the cause of the smoke.

i dont have a cat on my 1990, it smokes a tiny bit but my motors only got 1,050 miles on it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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