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Will 2 12"s fit?

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I have a 90 240sx hatch n i wanna put 2 12s in it preferably the kickers for now but will they fit?
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Yes, it all depends on the Size of the Box, but yes it can be made to fit.
Height 16-1/16
Width 32-11/16

box fit or would i have to customize it for the hatch
Since you know the dimension you should go measure the Hatch area. If you don't have one yet then I can't tell you for sure.
yeah to bad i thought about all this at 3am lol
lol, cars not going anywhere without you so...
Shit I'd go out and measure it :p
Yeah I've got a 90 hatch and picked up a cheap insignia "party pack" from bestbuy for $160 and they bump pretty damn hard for so cheap!! It came with 2 12's and an amp I think the subs are 200 watts each and the amp outputs 500 bridged and I'm loving it so far they sound great with my 4 kicker 4x6's. Anyways if I'm thinking of the normal kicker box with the hole on the one side that most kickers seem to come with then yes it should fit fine but you probably won't be able to keep the hatch cover over it. Me and my dad custom made a box to fit in the back and it sounds and fits amazing! The 2 subs are facing up and the amp is on the outside facing the back. My dad is good at wood working and measured everything out perfectly and we only spent about $10 on 1/2 inch MDF and kept it sealed with no ports. I can tell you it sounds better then the $180 ported basswerks box that this other guy bought with the exact same subs. I also still have enough clearence to put the hatch cover over top of them until I get some tint on my windows so no one is tempted to steal them. If you want I can take pics of it just to give you an idea of how it looks.
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