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window wont roll up

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my window wont roll up! i tried a new switch, but that didnt work, so the motor must be there any way i could go about getting the window in the up position until i can afford to get it fixed? this is urgent, i dont want anyone getting into my car, and its starting to rain... thanks for any advice
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Mine does the same thing. It sounds ghetto, but just pull up on the window. Grab the glass @ the front and along the back (where it'd hit your B pillar), and yank up on it slowly. It also helps if you have a friend working the switch (assuming yours still works).
Probably is your motor but if yours is a 95 model it may be the external amp.
well my switch is broken also, i took it apart and a few shattered pieces fell out. the "new switch" that i used was my friends, so i dont have it anymore. I need to figure out a way to force it up manually. I tried pulling on it, but it wont move.
i have pulled up a window before cut 2 broom sticks to hold it up worked good for a while
how did you pull it up? did you have to pry on anything, or disconnect anything?
a 12 inch long 2x4 was holding mine up for a week or so. now i finally have a new motor.
im pretty sure its this
its a common prob. u can prolly find one cheaper, used, etc.
Unbolt the motor from the regulator, raise the glass, bolt the motor back on. It's not rocket science guys.
i had this same problem on my s13 it fucking pissed me off b.c it started to rain and i had to trash bag the window. well yada yada yada i finally figured out the window lock was on. that fucking pissed me off lol.
hmmm i hear ya bro... i gotta fix mine too, i thought it was the window amp... i took it apart and tried resoldering a few pieces... but to no avail still doesnt work, mine was stuck up tho, i raised and lowered it last year by unboldting the motor itself cause i NEED my window down when i drive, lol

keep us updated, I really dont see how the window motor could go bad, but I spose they do.
i'll wake up early and see if i cant fix it before work. thanks for the help
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