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Bull Run winner from First year are racing with us, as is TEAM CAMARO from this year's Bull Run.

Welcome BULL RUN WINNER Morgan Alsop to TEA USA!! - Winged Warrior Forums

140 cars already signed up (Photos of the "pool" so far). You next???

WINGED WARRIOR V is getting near!!!
It is that time to let you know its about time to watch the snow melt away, and get our cars ready for some more Tire Smokin FUN for the kids at Riley Hospital for Children!! Registration is NOW OPEN!! we are going to have this one run the smoothest yet, as we have knocked down the lumps we had in the past. We have more involved this year, then ever before, so the changes you will see in the running/organization will be evident on race day!!!
WHEN: Saturday May 9th
WHERE: O'Reilly Raceway Park (REMEMBER, RACERS ONLY: Tech Friday night, and optional Test and Tune)
Even though the economy is tough, we have the vision and the drive to get as much money raised as we can for Riley Hospital for Children.......sickness and illness' continue, no matter what the state of the economy is.
Events and rules are going to be posted soon, but in a nutshell, same as last year! From TOP GUN to Class "F", there will be a place on the starting grid for whatever car you have, and whatever racing expierence you have..........from NONE, to ALL.
Classes will remain the same as well, and this year, you GOT TO BE THE BADDEST in your class (TEAM USA or TEAM IMPORT) to walk home with a trophy!! Ie 1st/2nd/3rd/4th. You Must amass the most OVERALL POINTS in your class to get 1st place trophy, 2nd most, 2nd place, etc...
More will follow, so please check the website for updates and more info on how things are gonna "Shake out". This year we are giving away Vendor spaces for FREE, as the economy is hurting most people out there, we want to help them as well.
We are also proud to welcome the Jeramy Schmitt Memorial Drag Race folks!!!! Help us help their cause by joining them Friday (our Tech night), and they will be kicking butt down the track with some AWESOME drag-trucks, cars to bring some excitement to our event as well. The carshow will be HUGE this year as well, so get the wax out, and get ready for some awesome Eye-Candy, tire smoking fun!!!! Please pass the word along for us, and keep looking periodically to the site for further info.

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