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I have a 1991 240sx se 5spd

I have power in some places inside the car but cannot figure out why a ton of other things won’t work. I have no power to the doors and nothing to the climate control. The clock works on the cluster and the headlights also work.
The car runs.

I put power from a jumper wire to the green wire that goes to the cluster and a ton of stuff started working
My tach, climate control, auto seatbelts, the climate control lit up, the cluster lit up, and some others stuff as well.

I don’t mind wiring in a power wire to that green wire if needed but I was wondering if there are common issues like this. I took the dash off and didn’t see anything obvious. I had the carpet out to put a new one in and didn’t see anything out of order under there.
And in the bay everything seems up to par.
I checked fuses and didn’t see any blown ones.

At this point I’m completely lost. even with that green wire jumped in I have no:
Temp guage
Power to doors
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