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Wont come down 1500 at Idle RPM's

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Wasup! I have a fastback 1993 and I just had the engine re-manufactured. I also deleted the egr no need for it if you have a good cat. Anyway my problem is that I can't bring my IDLE RPM's any lower than 15 or 13. I have mess around with the idle screw to no joy. The timing is at 20. I played around the TPS and even with the Dis. I just can get it to calm down this car just want to go out there all hyped up!!! Will it be a new TPS? Anythng that you guys came come up that U have not done hit me up. Just cant wait to take this bad boy out there for the summer.


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You either have some kind of Vac Leak or the IAC is no good.

You'll have to "smoke" the system if you or someone you know can do such a thing, or go around with a can of brake clean while it's running and spray all around the intake manifold until the idle changes.
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