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Cannot have a sunroof and cannot be red!!!

^^^ These are the only strict requirements, everything else is a preference

Preferably no paint work or wrecks, fender benders depend on where the damage was.

Here's the details I'll take either an s13 or s14, more so an s14. Year must be from 89-95 nothing newer. Must be and always have been a 5spd car. The car will be turboed so if it already is even better, SR, CA, KA preferred.

must have working power steering, thats why I prefer 91+
will eventually be 5lug, if done even better
preferably 91-93 newer the better
preferably silvia front end
preferably a coupe
preferably a darker color ( green, charcoal grey)
preferably black interior

HUD is cool if it works
I prefer no spoiler but thats easy to take care of
Power would be nice but I've never had a problem with cranks

Must have kouki taillights
preferably not a HICAS car
Power options are negligable
prefer no spoiler or wiper but easy fix

Must be an SE
Must be a 95
Prefer charcoal over bluish interior but anything is better than cocoa brown s13's
Kouki front end would be cool
s14's have alot of what I already want its just a chore to find a 95 non sunroof SE manual trans one.

email me at juztinvezATyahooDOTcom

AIM: juztinvez
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