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wtb:2jz-gte parts

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hi i need a lower oil pan section of a 2jz-gte front sump setup and need a starter for a 2j to r154 tranny also im looking for just about any aftermarket parts.or if u could tell me where to get a lower oil pan or starter i would appreciate it ive been looking for a while and cant find much thanx
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Honestly, you are on the wrong forum if you are looking for Supra parts, I'd try a Supra/Toyota forum. I'd also try the obvious like Craigslist, eBay, and if your really desperate, the dealership.

As far as the aftermarket parts go, there are several companies that make aftermarket parts for the 2JZ. I know Titan Motorsports has a badass Supra that they take to Texas every year for the Supra Nationals. A quick search would yield almost endless results.
only parts I have for a 2JZ are gonna be the stock rods, and a stock crank-shaft..

why I have them, I have no idea.. but they're taking up space at my buddy's, and I can't remember how I got them.. lmao
op hasnt been on since august
wow.. this was still on page1, guess I should check post date.. :-X
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