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Looking to buy an S13 with as little rust as possible, no rust preferably. Don't care what's done to the motor, the less that's done to it the better. Hatch, vert, coupe, shells, anything really.. throw your offers at me, I'm starting a new project with a buddy of mine.

Budget built.. looking for a car with a strong KA, even if it's old as shit.. I'm in the $2000ish range for a stock car, if any cars offered are done up with wheels, suspension, etc, let me know what parts are on it and what condition they are in..

$2000 is just what I'm looking for. Offer me anything though, it could happen.

Hit me up, text me if you can, ill be able to get back to you sooner...847 644 0469.

help us get this moving.. thanks.


ps: im keeping the coupe, dont worry.. this is for my forum-retarded friend.
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