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WTB lower engine/trans harness

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I need to buy lower harness from a de or an sr. If anyone has one i would like to buy it. thanks
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Ive got a lower trans harness removed from a 97 SE model. Its complete with no broken or missing plugs.
will it fit an s13 redtop trans? If so how much.
Im thinking that it should but you might want to ask around first. If so just make me an offer. Thanks
i have a 93 harness too.... where are you located at? email me at [email protected] if your interested
i want that 97 harness it wont work on s13 trans sensors are diffrent

and i have a 91 lower harness to sell u
Iam-so-slow, and Blk90s13 you have been emailed. Let me know what you can do. thanks
Still need this. Would be willing to buy a complete harness if somone has that as well. thanks
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