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Wtb S13

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im currently selling my 1992 s14 powered 240sx and i will be needing another s13 . if any of you have any for sale or know of any please give me some info. im looking for one that is either stock or is slightly modded (basic boltons). limited on money so it cant be too expensive and it has to be manual. thanks in advance.
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By that he means, his s13 with an S14 KADE, which isn`t currently in working order due to transmission issues, is going to be sold and replaced with another s13. IIRC, it`s a hatchback, and it`s definitely manual and in need of a clutch.

Kody, your options of the cars being sold by locals are a KA powered, all stock hatchback; a coupe on coilovers with the same engine setup; and a white coupe with a CA18DET (like an SR) in it. All of these are selling for under 4k, and you would have to get in touch with the respective owners to see what the current sale status of each is. They can all be found in the huge Alabama thread.
thank you for clearifying that sean but the motor IS working. runs perfect. just needs a clutch wich i ordered a stage one clutch this past monday so it should be in the end of this week or beginning of next. but i do want a hatchback. dont really like the coupes.
i've got a hatch with a redtop and 3" exhaust that needs paint. $3800 takes it. i might be willing to give you a few hundred dollar credit for your car, but it would probably be best to buy mine and use your bits to finish it off.

i will give it to u for 4g. Everything i have pics of is yours for that price and a panasonic cd player with hookups. Car runs great.. No modifications besides lsd and intake...
Quick what lsd do you have?
Did you happen to have a hlsd? Haha, probably not huh.
well sorry to say i dont need s s13 anymore :( im goin to buy a 99 trans am saturday (Feb. 4th). need power and its got it. no cats with the SLP exhaust and SLP intake, bigger cam, aftermarket suspension, 17in. crager look alikes, auto. hate the fact that its auto but ill get over that. but thanks anyways guys. still selling my s13 if anyone needs it. 1995 KA, juss bought a tranny, stage 1 racing clutch, obx header, exhaust. nearly 2k put into the car but im going to let it go for $1500. if anyone wants it or know some one who does. i gotta get it out of here by next saturday so i can have money to put down on the T/A. thanks. kody
also my car is no longer avail... thanx guys
Got any pics of your car? $1500 eh? Show me some pics please. :)
dont have any pics as of right now. exterior needs 2 fenders (left 1 is dented and the right one....well....sum dumba** tryed to bondo it before i got it and u dont bondo fenders....) then some paint and its ready to go. paint is good on it now but if you replace the fenders youll have to repaint of course. interior is in good shape. needs a good cleaning. ill get some pics tomorrow after school and send them to you. motor is strong, tranny is strong, all it needs to be a perfect running car is the pipe that goes from the header back to the cat then a pipe after that to the exhaust. i have a muffler for it. apc burnt titanium tip (not installed but will come with it.) plus i have the motor that was in it (blown but still some good parts plus i have just about any other extra part you could need for the motor thats in it). but like i said i can get some pics tomorrow and send them to you.
Well i have a front end for sale :)... Everything u need :)
PM me
Blake, where (and to whom) has your s13 gone?
hey i have a friend that has a stock (aem cold air, and exhaust) 93 hatch 240sx for sale. he wants 2300 obo. its manual. let me know if you want pics or more info. reply to my email address below.

[email protected]
Read the date of posts bro, this was in 2006, I'm pretty sure he either got another s13, or gave the fuck up by now lol

However, i sent you an e-mail, cause i have a friend loking for an s13.
Careful with the language, sir. Remember we are in mixed company on here
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