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Like the title says, I'm looking to trade my 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo 5spd 105K miles, for a Clean S13(Doesnt HAVE to be a coupe, I'll take a fastback too!) or S14!!. I MAY ALSO TRADE BOTH MY SUPRA AND MY CIVIC FOR ONE!!! MUST HAVE A/C!!! Doesnt HAVE to be an SE/LE, but IT MUST HAVE WORKING A/C AND 5SPD! Preferebly stock but will take LIGHTLY modded ones into consideration. MUST BE CLEAN TITLED! And preferebly low mileaged, but let me know anyways if its high. I'm located in Corona, California.

Some info on the Supra:
I bought the Supra about 2 months ago because it was a good deal (I was originally looking for an Alltrac or a clean 240sx but I gave up looking for one, plus the fact that I needed a car ASAP made me buy the Supra. My dad was driving my Civic because he crashed his car, so that left me with no car =( ).

Runs very smooth, you can hardly tell the engine is on when its at idle. Only mod it has is a Greddy Type S BOV and aluminum charge pipes. Color is Pearl white with blue interior. Power Everything including seats, A/C needs recharge. Removable Sport roof. Alpine CD Headunit. Digital/Auto climate control, Registration good until December 2006. Absolutely clean title.

Few things wrong with the Supra:
Speedo cable melted (actually happend 3 days ago, I didn't notice it came off the bracket and burned on my downpipe =P ) Ive put about 40 miles on it since then.

Small tranny fluid leak from the seal where the driveshaft meets the trans (Read its an easy fix, and the seal is like $10 from the dealer)

Front right wheel bearing is starting to go out (makes noise when turning left)

Thats basically it. I'm willing to trade Both cars and MAYBE cash on top of that if need be. If you need any more info feel free to ask!

And here are pics of the Civic:

Its a 1990, 161K miles, runs very smooth, 5spd with no tranny grinds or anything. Comes with Mugen MR5 wheels, oldskool Skunkworks coilovers with 93 Integra spring rates, 91 Integra front lip, window visors, Mugen shift knob, Alpine CD headunit (not installed right now), Neuspeed front upper strut bar, no name rear lower tiebar.
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