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WTT or F/S-- S13 Side Skirts....

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I have skirts for sale or trade. i never installed them, just test fitted with tap and boxes, (photoshoped out) in the pics below. Reason for wanting to trade or sell is they werent the ones i was thinking i was getting. I was hoping they were the oem ones but the guy from andys auto sport f`ed me. These are more aggressive then the oem ones.

Ill trade for 180sx skirts or oem skirts. Or if you have anything else in value around 200-300 ill trade depending if thats what im looking for, cobrea bucket seats or whatever... more then happy to look and see what you have.
If wanting to buy, i can do 200 although i paid 250 plus shipping.
here is the address i bought them origionally from.

please someone help me, cause if i dont either trade or sell, ill probably end up using them or chop them up to look less aggressive which i dont want to do.
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how much for the rear five lug hubs in your sig? and can i get a better pic like a 3/4 veiw of the skirts?
five lugs sold, but ya wats your number pm me at [email protected] if you want and ill send you some pics.
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