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YARD SALE!!! Lots of OEM s13 parts for sale!!!

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The time has come to get rid of all the parts that me and my friends have collected over time. It is taking up space in every ones house and it all has to go!
Here is a list of what we have and how many. Shoot me some offers. I'm in 90262, so take that into consideration. Shipping from Lynwood Ca 90262. Offer accordingly.
Ok, so here we go.
( 8 ) Tension Rods
(12) Tension Rod Brackets
(9) Front Sway Bars
(2) Rear Sway Bars
( 8 ) Front Cross Members
(2) Rear Sub Frames
( 8 ) Front Lower Control Arms
(2) Rear Upper Control Arms
(2) Rear Lower Links
(2) Rear Upper Links
(3) Starters
(2) Flywheels
(6) Doors
(4) Rear Hatches
(4) Alternators
(5) Brake Boosters
(2) Sets of 180sx Front Brakes
(4) sohc Valve Covers
( 8 ) Motor Mount Brackets
(4) Cut sohc engine Harness w/ many good plugs
(4) KA Radiators
(4) KA Fan Shrouds
(3) S13 SR Fan Shrouds
(2) A/C Condenser
(1) Condenser Filter
(3) Radio Brackets
(1) Automatic Drive Shaft S14
(4) sohc ECU
(1) s13 ka24de DOHC ECU
Everything is in good condition.
I have other stuff.
Too much to list really!
So, if you wonder if I have it, ask me!
Shoot me an offer.
Shipped from Lynwood Ca 90262.
Paypal Verified.
I wont turn down any fair offer!!!!
PM ME!!!!!!!!!
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Any pics of a driver side door? And the radio brackets?
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