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yes or no?

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while im waiting for my headers to come in i thought i would work on the appearance of my car for a it and i found some rims for cheap and i need somebodys opinion to see if i should get them or not...

these rims

on this car
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in my opinion :hellno:
Its your car do what you want. Would I do it, fuck no, but its not my car.
Fuck thoes ricer ass rims! and the ricer 200sx/sentra in the back with the giant wing. dont do it!
i think the rims are off the orange car in the background lol.

anyways, no dont do it.
They are. Thats why i brougt it up in the first place. Then i noticed it in the back

SMH at these ricers
yeah they are the rims from dat car....datz my girlfriends ricer ass she bought i so she can compete against me but she still cant but she said shes gettin rid or the rims...well any suggestions to wat kind of rims i should get??and yea i dont like the flashy for me...
fuck the rims. Sell the car.

And get some Xxrs
wait sell my car??? hell no!!!! but if u mean sell her car...then hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sell her car. Oratleast the rims and body kit and wing. then use the money to paint it a regular color
ok koo. and yeah i took a look at the wheels and they are nice. im probally getting the lightweight ones. thankz again everybody.
xxr's lightweight? lol.

look at mb wheels. waaaay better. they have decent sizes/offsets too.

And yeah light weight lol

Go spend 3k on rims then

And yeah light weight lol

Go spend 3k on rims then
your an idiot sometimes.

I didnt know 4 x 169 = 3000

they are cheap but still lighter and better quality then xxr shit.

this is a good deal
I was talking about like volks and expensive ass rims

I swear, your a dick sometimes.
lol funny...if the rims go for more than 300 then i guess ima wait up on those.....i want to spend most of my cash on my any of u have rims...if so wat kind or any pics???
I have stealies just like you lol
lol ok...well i dont feel left out anymore...i wanted to get rims cuz everybody around here got rid of their steelies...but ima just keep them til im done wit my engine dat im not da only one wit steelies
Wheels and tires first. No need of an engine with power if you cant put it to the ground
yup true...i have some decent mishimoto tires...i guess ima go with the rims u told me about...they look nice
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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